The Tomb of Omar

The Tomb of Omar – Four kilometers to the east of Kyrenia, on the coastal road to Catalkoy, is the tomb od Hazreti Omar. The small Hazreti Omar mosque and tombs house the remains of a 7th century commander and six other Muslim holy men. Many tales and myths rela’ng to Hazreti Omar have been handed down to the present day. According to one, Omar was a company commander in the army of Umayyad caliph, Muawwiye. In one of Arab raids Omar and his soldier set foot on Cyprus at the very spot where the tomb now stands and there they fell to awaiting Bypantine forces. After the skirmish their bodies were interred in brick built tombs. After the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus in 1571 rumours led to the rediscovery of the tomb and a shrine was built to the north west of the cave in which they were reinterred. In time, a masjid(small mosque) was built wgich encompassed the tomb and around it rooms were built for an imam, a caretaker and visitor to the tomb.

Address: İskenderun Caddesi 15, Girne 99370

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