Merit Crystal Cove Poker Texas Holdem

Merit Crystal Cove Casino continues to host its tournaments of the mathematically, psychologically, and strategically involved Texas Hold‘Em Poker, which is also known as the “thinking man’s game.”

TEXAS HOLD ‘EM: The tournament that announced Northern Cyprus’s name to the world!

The World Poker Tour poker tournament introduced to the island by Merit Hotels four years ago was a massive breakthrough in promoting Northern Cyprus worldwide. With its pristine natural beauty, coastline drenched in sun year round, golden sandy beaches, and splendid history, Northern Cyprus is one of the most important centers of tourism in the Mediterranean, and Merit has opened a new channel for tourism, the country’s powerhouse industry, with Texas Hold ‘Em.

The World Poker Tour is held in a country that caters to the large audience of games of chance. The tournament offers alluring prizes to fans of the game while also giving them the chance for a five-star vacation, thereby providing a significant contribution to the international promotion of Northern Cyprus.

Address: Merit Crystal Cove Hotel, Girne
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